by Charles Plymell

From whose borne no traveler returns — Shakespeare

I've called this treatise "Pathotheism", because like most philosophers through history the search inevitably invites the universal unanswered question "why" of our existence. This treatise mainly focuses on how that question affects our lives and death on planet earth. The prefix is to indicate a disease manifest in our underlying evolutionary chemistry caused by the ability to reflect temporally and consciously our being, yet eternally and subconsciously in our destiny to not be. To the extent we may be abandoned and left to deify whatever we can, before we die, we employ both reason (insanity) and feeling (faith). I use the word, "insanity" here neither clinically nor pejoratively (though the designations in modern media intercourse are blurred), but merely as an extension of thought that goes to Spinosa and so many others who stretched the world to extend beyond the furtherest imaginable horizon of human thought only to land on Hawking's home plate: finite space-time with no boundary. If you play with the big bang-ganger in pietism, you'll have to pay the man as did Galileo, Bruno, Jesus and others. So, to begin at the beginning as all good philosophers do, one has to scurry from the church like a little church mouse low on the food chain, or go insane, as my father philosophized when he looked over his field of flax on the horizon of the Dakotas.

Everybodys got to walk that lonesome valley/ they got to walk it by theirselves.—
The Carter Family

Today, (mainly to blackout the war news) the "news" on TV is The Passion, a kind of Methedrine enhanced Sadomasochistic money drama that draws on the brainwashed-propaganda-embedded ignorance of Christians as easily as the gold lie that befell Coronado and his Christian troops. All sorts of strange reactions to the movie befell the greed-filled fat audiences flush with guilt and money of having trashed and flourished on an innocent wilderness and native peoples like maggots flushing out the carcass outline of dead coyotes. Two died from watching The Passion on the big screen.

Strange evil killings of high schoolers with their new secret behavior on alien landscapes that was old traditional bullying in the over-populated nightmare of old visions of obedient soldiers, workers, civil servants, clerks of industry, and citizens who are trained to think alike, who can be ready to vote to kill whatever is needed to sustain life. Thefts of money greater than small countries' national output dominate the news while garbage dumps grow and human cultures form on them. The religious masses cannot see the difference between big truths and big lies. Torture as bad as what the Romans devised can be found daily: Blown pieces of breast from a young girl land in the bagels and lox on butcher-flesh floors. Men in a truck chain a person to the bumper and drag him down the road until he's dead because of the color of his skin. People jump from burning towers in a horrible death because in the name of god some murderers were promised 72 virgins. Where?

Death comes always in the wrong season —Black Elk

"God willing" is what I hear from the Islam fundamentalists. "God bless America" is what I hear from our president. Ask any punk rocker, any teen spirit that smells right. Anyone who obviously has more good that evil in their bones. They will recognize insanity. We are actually entering an Age of Apostasy even though current waves of electronic and print discourse suggest that the masses are turning to religion. Religions, again are on the march to where the last child or innocent creature is left mangled, diseased, or starving. I had thought I would enjoy my later years in the new millennium even better than the decades I enjoyed in the 50's and 60's. The "New Age" didn't happen as was forecasted in Huxley's Brave New World Revisited written in 1958:

The best of constitutions and preventive laws will be powerless against the steadily increasing pressures of overpopulation and of the over-organization imposed by growing numbers and advancing technology. The constitutions will not be abrogated and the good laws will remain on the statute book; but these liberal forms will merely serve to mask and adorn a profoundly illiberal substance. Given unchecked overpopulation and over- organization, we may expect to see in the democratic countries a reversal of the process which transformed England into a democracy, while retaining all the outward forms of a monarchy. Under the relentless thrust of accelerating overpopulation and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms – elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest -- will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial -- but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.

To the degree that genetics and social influences tip the individual balance of good and evil in an individual brain is an evolutionary chemical conundrum made up of religion, politics, and sex, the main behavioral social malfunctions that have filled history with blood. Those who fainted or died upon watching a movie horror-crucifixion may not carry the image of the reality in their daily minds, of people jumping from the World Trade Center. Whose sins did they die for? Not to mention the young bodies fed into chaos of the war machine, traumatized for life, or those who melted at Hiroshima from the results of the best minds fermenting at the old boys school in Almagordo. The crown of thorns and cross have turned to dust like the hundreds of thousands bodies at Rwanda. And new killing is planned by the diplomats and politicians playing the game of good and evil, getting wealthy from the game, while the good pay with taxes and blood. What does the good and evil barometer read for each individual. Some do not even think of wars; ignorance is bliss. Money is god in whom we trust (to kill). Some leave as always the children dying like those in the UN skimming off oil for food money who have the look of the flesh eaters and dealers during the siege of Stalingrad.

That we are suffering new and greater forms of horrible destruction, both personal and organized, old as history; that it dominates the daily activity of life might have more to do with population growth and communications than devises of torture. That a retarded teenager can be almost persuaded to be blown to pieces in exchange for 72 virgins does not compare to the same military pomp as the Israeli leader, Sharon, grown fat as his prize bull by raking off money to invade and occupy disputed territory. He will cut off his neighbor's water and use the U.S. worker slaves' tax dollars to build great walls to protect his people. Even Mel Gibson would have brought buckets of water across his shoulders to help his neighbor grow grain. Who bears what cross in today's modern insanity? There is no reason behind the words to explain it. Children watch in horror. Horror is their first empirical experience and lies are their first word associations. How long before doom arrives at their doorstep? Good and evil in the environment...tinctures of their chemistries and natural births. Time is the only law that awaits all actions, all births, all journeys, all good and evil compounded in each traveler. Only individual sprit can uplift good above evil in this life of death. Dreams might defer the doom on the doorsteps of the children throwing rocks at tanks but their journey of death is not to Las Vegas to win the prize. Prizes, unlike dreams are power in disguise.

The intellectual and physical garbage of the past has silently washed up into a dead sea of a polluted psychic thriller of murdering ideologies. Today, I can flip any news channel to a controversy over the religious film, The Passion, or a steady stream of non-stories to black out the beholden faces of world hatred. For example, the savagery in Iraq by Islamic Fundamentalists, burned bodies are dragged from a bombed SUV, chopped up with body parts flung over wires and hung from bridges. We didn't get to see Rwanda because politics wasn't hot enough for the front burner. Human life was viewed as worthless. The UN was supposed to take care of that too, but they where too busy ripping off the oil for food program that was supposed to help the dying children. Stealing millions and billions of dollars from the poor and suffering is the game of the day. The worker, with his rusted pick up truck flying flags like General MacArthur's staff car, symbolizes the slave to war who works half a year for a dollar flag. Not even the slaves from ancient times would serve their masters so well.

The sadomasochism torture of the Roman cross morphed into the U.S. video game hits of targets to speed up the history of the votive desires of human religions and all their pathological sexual banners of the kill. Killing is evil getting rid of evil; its roots sacrificial. Advanced civilizations ritualized the sacrifice of a living entity so that another might stand in its place, and blood is implanted before the bounty flows down the pyramid. In WWII, when Rommel's troops grew weary of keeping up their kill, he ordered, "Shoot anything!" There is a certain feeling when a boy first handles a gun. Good and evil is in everyone at varying degrees. The feeling of the gun differs from individual to culture. Shooting in the air is an expression, oddly with the same mechanics as onanism. It represents power, the Viagra world order. Good and evil belongs to no government and has not been controlled by any, permanently. Or conversely, politically, Good and Evil throughout history have been controlled by the state in a geographical and ideological blend. But the winner of the long history is always trying to defer impermanence.

The formula for the political experiment for permanent control at world order was stated simply (and works today) by Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials:

Naturally the common people don't want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

Lies are the first basis of wars. Since we've had well over 50,000 wars in written history, it's unlikely that the Woodstock lament, "Give peace a chance," will ever happen. Not only are wars killing fields, they contribute greatly to killing the planet by producing a toxic environment. Humans have already begun mutating brought on by bad air. There is a slowness of reception that can only passively take in images from the TV screen. The pubescent bully pulpit still thrives against the timid in public schools. The church and sports still hold by a thread. The "Columbine Ethos" of a poisoned environment will surpass the simple old West feuds over barbed wire. Reasons to kill have become stranger and more cavalier than ever. It is no longer a matter of just good and evil but brains gone bad. Society cries of lost values, but the changes lie in oxygen and chemicals.

The current movie, The Passion, lit up the USA under God as if the nails Gibson drove into the hands of "Jesus" were electric terminals that jolted believers from the daily grind of gross national product and greed back to religiosity. Another news blackout to keep the public from seeing soldiers in Iraq burned and hacked and strung from posts by jeering crowds. It was gruesome as Gettysburg where soldiers carried their own severed limbs back to their lines. I wonder how the snake handlers in their venom-belief liked the movie. Viewers did die and cry, though. The pathological believers of whatever orthodox faith-based story stuck in their veins like dead meat hungry with obsession, clogging their spirits, got the chance to puke up their pathos and sexual repression all over the big screen. The news stations were flooded with bizarre reactions. This helped the national "news blackout", which carries two or three headlines for weeks to keep us from real news of the desperate and young blowing themselves and others to bits in the name of Islam while sickening and tragic news stories of the war and the environment are suppressed, the carnival of religious U.S. under God is on again. It proves the claim that in entertainment the distinction between reality and make believe are blurred, and people spend thousands of dollars to be cut up and re-arranged to resemble their favorite movie stars. Some of the believers' reactions to The Passion were documented on Andy Rooney's website after he gave it a bad review. The reactions and comments were bizarre and irrational. We live in "A New Scare" where rational discourse is as dead as the arts and culture is safe. Later, on the Fox News program, Sean Hannity whose sanity seems as harmless as a frat haze was raving on a telephone interview with Mel Gibson, the Maker, who said he wanted to take Rooney out in the alley to settle things, saying that Rooney crawled out from under a rock, using the dated language reminiscent of a 50's meth freak bravado that belonged to another time. Maybe it's the tone they still have in Australia, but it didn't even sound like contemporary Hollywood carp. It oddly proved Capote's observation about the intelligence of actors.

The movie stirred again the religious froth thousands of years hence while young soldiers have enlisted from high schools on the promise of a college degree that may have no more worth than a good skill and a good library to read the story of a precocious Jew who may have traveled to India for some lessons to perform miracles and got twelve guys counting the fink to follow him only to end in trouble for challenging the authorities. The holy artificial insemination requires a little imagination. But it's as believable as finding tablets in the hills of New York to establish the third largest religion. I think going to the moon was as "unbelievable" as was much of the Holy Text. But wait until we develop cloning. We can all look like movie stars and have sexual gratification and love and erase the killing gene and supplant the why gene with a good Disney fairy-tale that rids ourselves of any thought of evil. Like the gospel songs. No misery. No sorrow. No thought of not being here, etc. There is hope for the faithful. Keep praying. But religions have proven to be evil for adults who govern countries. They are still sending the young to suffer and die, and that's evil no matter how you cut it. It is not of sound mind to turn human goodness into evil murder. Politics and religion do not mix. I'm tired of the memorials for kids out of high school to fight the cutthroats in the alleys of Bagdad and hills of Pakistan. Empty the prisons. Send criminals to kill criminals.


There were two little boys under the bed playing nasty. One wanted to take the safety pin of the other's pants to play with his pee-pee. The other made the excuse that he couldn't take it off and would have to have his mother do it. He wanted to appear loyal like they might both depend on each other in a foxhole someday. The one with the safety pin saw a baby in a carriage and wanted to be braver that the other one and suggested smothering the baby. He got a warm feeling like when he and other boys would swing cats around by their tails, or kill things innocent. Fortunately, the plan was not carried out. And the boys never saw each other again.

The power of love after puberty to mid-life is the most powerful emotion on earth. There are many kinds of love, but eroticism is the main force. Good and evil also play a big role especially in abuse. Today playful eroticism has seemed to win out. The past sexual trends didn't really work. It seems better to have erotic play among kids their own age. Let them learn for themselves has been a good rule in history. The age is irrelevant and cannot be established, only the child knows. Society has been unable to set the age children play naughty together; however, by the late teens all the lies of sex and society are known.

Good and evil are within the seeds and possibly may expire to the winds at death. In between is pretty much responsive behavior to one's psychological and chemical environment. The latter was not that distinctive in Skinner's day, but quite noticeable now in toxic zones such as Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, where he was born. Children are especially vulnerable to peer environment from pre-teen to late teen when sexuality is most powerful and children are subjected to both morals and mores. They themselves can become evil at this stage especially if they are confused by church, authority figures, or school. Bad influences happen at this difficult age when innate honesty can come crashing in from external pressures that the young haven't had time to sort out on their own. College kids are "driven" into sicknesses that are needless. But they are pressured by society. Hopefully, they can have fun and keep off the street and keep from overuse of drugs and alcohol. Hopefully, they have known the liars, the gods, the devil. Hopefully they have thought and moved carefully and cautiously around money and greed traps and have fun in life moving up the niche ladder. At no other time in history has their government and society failed them so badly. They have to learn to be as careful as they can, even in comfortable settings. They have to learn to avoid bad surroundings, quickly.

When I taught in prison, one of my students was in for child abuse. He had been in an orphanage and was abused at an early age by a Nazi. He wrote of his experiences mainly with latch-key welfare kids from Albany to NYC. There is a great quantitative sub-culture that would surprise anyone, just in this region. That boys and men get together is universally historical and has almost been canonized by the Church. It is the age of a victim that can be the most danger, for it can be traumatic and influential especial coming from God's spokespersons. He had one bit of advice. Never use a male as a baby sitter.

Last year, locally, a high school kid, basketball star, etc. killed an old man with a baseball bat. The year before, a popular kid in school killed his parents. There is more that happens locally all the time all over the country. And on the news its always "nothing like this has ever happened at our school." Maybe it's a franchise. Maybe an evil clown slips into the board meeting...in private session, of course. Columbine happens in many schools. They can't teach driving. Almost every year a senior gets killed in a motor vehicle accident. There are hills and valleys and most drive too fast for the roads. They don't hire over the road truckers to teach the road. It used to be that the school was in the village and a grandparent could walk child to school. Now there is a school transportation industry and no place to walk. Public schools are danger zones.

Almost all humor has always been based on sex. Almost all innuendo in entertainment is based on sex. Sex is the inherent power of the almighty. Even the Amish subjugate their women. On TV, car ads show people feeling up the new models. Masturbation and a ride is implied in the Hummer. Sex is the stimulus that causes our culture, the impeachment of presidents, the reason for money, power, beauty, etc. Gratification is a religion. The alter boy, confession, etc was made for sex. Marriage was a deeper form of love. Abstinence was holy. It was a matter of chores with the Mormons. All sex is eroticism. Marriage is eroticism with the stamp of approval from the state, church and society, though it, like education fails more often than it succeeds. We don't like to hear this, because we prefer lies to facts. In order to kill our young, we have to makes lies look honest. They require a systematic effort with rewards that looks real. If it looks real, it is moral. That is why people act bizarre, like the fellow who spent thousands to buy tickets to see "The Passion" Like drugs, anything that makes one feel good on this earth becomes a moral issue. Now the "Evildoers" want what the "Infidels" have. We have run the movie back to the dark ages. Onward Christian soldiers. Can you believe this century? Only technology, which a Carl Jung said, carries the germ of the end in itself, prevails. Maybe cloning will do away with the fear of self and erase the killing code.

Even language does not escape morality. The semantics of a word cannot be studied scientifically, because the alphabet has to be replaced with dots or asterisks. Insanity sets in before logic. Our highest courts are spending their time on the "F" word and the Federal Communications authorities. It is an insane semantic oddity that complete the meaning of the word by automatically filling the word with the rest of its letters. The "F" word denotes and connotes the same referent as the word itself. But one can't formally write the intact word. Insanity. Yes, linguistics can easily become morally insane. The censored letters, "fuck" set off a trigger in American consciousness as does the word, "God." Synaptic referents blow apart any rational discourse. So much so, it is difficult to talk about, yet it is the most prevalent word and referent in our society. The middle finger a symbol, illegal as well. I would like to demonstrate the pathological connection of the male (penis component) power and the Almighty in our culture. This is obvious in other, if not all, cultures and their religions. I apologize that I can only write it from a male point of view. The male physiology is demonstrably part of the problem. As I have mentioned, the penis analogue is the gun. The most prominent giver and taker of life. The symbol of power in all sexual innuendo. While we try to rule on the "F word," we have invaded a country and killed several thousand people where none can rule.

A Dolphin's brain might be as big as ours, but it is because of our hands that we will destroy the earth like our first gratification. We expect it. With Religions as our Ideological justifications, and with the statistics of over-population and the resulting polluted water, earth and air. And the planet's orbit wobbling and receding, it is a matter of time. Yet, in hypostatic union, fearing the unknowable, all we want to do is kill. We cannot be good because we are part evil. If we weren't, our only reason to be on earth is to have sustenance (more vegetables) and to give compassion and needed items to other humans, and to look after each innocent creature. What else is there to do? One could also pray to assuage the mind from impermanence. Otherwise, we live with evil in a nuerogenetic disorder that abstracts and absolute justification for what we do to preserve our life(style) no matter the balance of good and evil; to carry our primitive sacrificial notions of killing justified by abstractions of state and religion and an absolute fear of self in a finite and infinite horror of the unknowable that has caused us to pursue insane acts speeded up by the introduction of nuerotoxins of the technological age of computer war in the morphogenetic state of pathotheistic bionics.

Some tried to preserve the arts as something good in our culture. Painting and poetry have mostly vanished now due to the subsidies of tax monies and those on state and federal grants panels handing the money to their friends. Each year the artistic bar lowers.. Academic poetry, laughable. Lucky we have no culture to know the difference. Ms. Lilly gave 100 million to Poetry Magazine. That's too bad. Think of all the innocent creatures, the orphans in shelters wanting a home. Look in their eyes, then look at a poem. Definitions of evil abound. But the arts are always a small part. Painting and fine art will go next, the patrons seem to need those and can tolerate them longer. Most cacophony can be detected, so we will still have music, though very little reaches the commercialism of TV. Architecture will be the last to go. Although sports stadiums are our generations marvels, their roofs seem to cave or the fans destroy the bleachers, etc.

I do not belief in any religion. I think they are all fairy tales, stories, for those who need a belief. I believe in belief. Atheism is an oxymoron because the word contains the negation that cannot be conceived. It is only a label like lord, no more, no less. I'm sorry all you red-faced Bible thumpers. You got nothing. I have found no one on this earth that can explain life and death and what happens after we leave, or what we know as this life. No person can substantiate a claim to be connected to a God, it is a waste of time; time that could be spent helping each other get through this unknown situation we call life. I do think prayer is essential, if not for things determined, then for the mind itself to help assuage the unknown impermanence that awaits us all. The stories in history can become canonized or can still float around in pieces in the dream world. "The greatest story ever told" probably happened (in some form.) Some of its elements are no more real than those of the Lord of the Rings, or the Lord of the Flies or what have you. After all, it took about four centuries of Nicean Councils to mold the magic insemination into the human hypostatic madness to save the world. Now we have artificial insemination. The "Father God" probably caused the fatal underlying distrusts of Jesus and his followers. Pretty strong stuff to lay on his people. Even in the Mideast now, only power is understood. By the 5th century the pagans had been pushed back into the hills and Christians had become very attached to worldly goods. Today, we see them at their Sunday finest in their SUV's driving past Columbine, working feverishly the rest of the week for the power of wealth. Since the days of the money-changers, greed has become the good glue that holds our society together. On long holidays one starts seeing small signs of civilization's fracture. The recreational becomes confrontational and so on. No one speaks but by bumper stickers. Rudeness and power are the order of the day. The savior, entertainment.

Claims are still made that believers are streaming forth again to great crusades such as Billy Graham used to stage in the 50's, in Kansas, where there are geographical stains, too, in faith-based regions. When I revisit the bible belt, I realize that there is, indeed a regional pathos, a shocked scripture that shrieks in an invisible pall of prairie silt rippling in layers of decomposed death, waste and travail of carcasses of animals and people that make a mummified rise in earth dust from St. Louis to the mile high city of Denver.

On the plains, like the buffalo, an innocence was killed for sport. Many were terrorist acts like the Ex-Officer from the Civil War and his band of murderers who wiped out the innocent Black Kettle's band. Black Kettle had tried to bring his people to "give peace a chance". The white murdering terrorists savaged the band of peaceful Indians, cut them up while they were still alive, cut out the vaginas out of the women to decorate their saddle horns. Cut the breast off women and sewed them into purses to sell for tourist items along Turk St. in San Francisco, hawked the "souvenirs" on passenger trains until the buyers became nauseated. Killing the innocent has its own fuel. Remember Rommel's orders, when the Germans grew tired of killing. "Shoot anything!" It is both a kind of sickness, an obsession, a disorder, a hunger that manifests itself in some people stronger than in others.

In my rearing, religion was bearable, because I realized that most people need comfort in the fact that we are here and don't really know why. I enjoy old hymns and gospel music as well as classical religious masterpieces. As far as the everyday experience, I developed enough values to keep me on an even keel, more or less. My feelings would oddly be more contemporary, as I read from a rocker in this month's Rolling Stone, which I've thrown out. But the gist of the rocker's belief was that he didn't believe in anything, but whatever faith others need, they should have. This sums up roughly, what I call The Age of Apostasy, For the sake of "movement" I'll begin it with REM's line, "that's me on the corner, losing my religion." But for the sake of my own consciousness, I believe in belief, which is to say that I have hope in my heart. For what, of course, I have no idea. And this brings me to my point. No one knows anything about the what, why, who and how of our existence.

Through the centuries, religions have helped humans to not go mad. But in so doing, they have committed all madness and sins known to man. At this point in history, after 50,000 or so wars, we are still going at it, in the name of Allah or God or whatever. My reasoning is that it is all based on stories, some with roots, but that is all they are. Every religion is a complete fabrication, Fiction. A Fairy Tale. We have no fact, only passion at best. Ezra Pound mention in his writings that the more gods we had during early history; to have a god for almost everything, the more men acted like gods. Now, the more abstract our beliefs, the more evil we become. Our nature has gotten worse, not better. We have no religion in fact or action; that is easily demonstrated. And our God is more abstract, but some believe Christ will come and pluck them out of their Buick while driving down the expressway on judgment day. The "evil" one's look forward to a Las Vegas in the clouds with all the shekels of Allah and 72 virgins, living in a world of madness, of worn fiction the faithful still cling to (mainly in lifestyle). The change in our being is long overdo. We, the walking dead, clinically alive and technologically irreverent.

I will try to define my philosophy further as well as some of its components. I have to use the politically incorrect pronoun man because the point of view requires it. The nomenclature I have created for the philosophical treatise are mine and won't be in the dictionary.

PATHOTHEISM: A definition:

The result of a subconscious deism bought on by an "neuropsychodeistic" disorder of not knowing a self rational for our being, our existence. It is the eternal fear of death that is ipso facto the fear of life. It is a phobia of singularity, the amount of psychosis regardless of orthodox faiths, paradoxically in all cases both the cause of and the relief of our reason (when we think of it) of why we are here, what we are doing and why. And the fact that we wonÕt be here, and where will we go, and will there be any further trace of our singularity? I will exam some possible traits and results of this affliction written history is full of and that IÕve called psychotheistic, or if I approach philosophically in reason, "psychodeistic." Even Sappho, whose sorrow was compounded when her pet bird died, had neither gods, nor god for an answer. Of course, much more hideous things throughout history have happened, in the name of god or without an answer from god, and still do. We have convenient idiocies such as "as God works in strange ways" or in "The name of Allah", etc. to assuage the hurt for the faithful, but through thousands of years, the words are a bit shopworn, and the illiterate may be the blessed in that regard. In this treatise, I can only touch on a very few atrocities that should alert the hypocritical, but it is with my sincere compassion that people do need prayer and faith to make life bearable. Even within religions, especially Eastern, it is reasonable to have prayer and meditation to help protect the mind from the thought of impermanence of Life. As Cobain sang, "We are stupid/ and contagious/ here we are now/ entertain us."

I can see how many upon this earth would support organized region. I support it when I find people of true religious spirit. But the carnival of Religion, forget it. The pomposity. Of what? Of maggots, their purpose, clear. Who on earth can tell me what we are doing here? No one. "Self Reliance?"

When the Pope visited Mexico, I watched the television news of the great arrival, swelled masses around the bullet-proof Popemobile (something cartoon-like about the pontiff's wheels) and something too serious about a swell of people. The news cameras panned over the masses and focused in on a man who was standing beside a life-size cardboard cut out of the Pope-Prop a photo-collage against a background mass to be placed on the icon stack in living rooms. The reporter then interviewed a woman standing with child in arms, the only madonna and child in Chiapas. The news photographer asked her why she wasn't making her way down in the masses converging to see the pope? He's just like any other man", she said, "no more, no less, a human born to this earth of flesh and blood like you and me." She just happened to be there when the crowd formed around her village. It is her simple radiance that would support my belief in belief. She holds frail hope of a spirit beyond polluted flesh: this life that populates the unknown like a cancer destroying its host, abstracting gods and icons, symbols and beliefs, and blame, and the horrible, murderous sufferings that all religions bring. And the wars that have all the photos of ravaged children at the end. Where is the memorial for Mai Lai? A photo, like all the rest. In the bellows of the distance of all blank space the innocent meet in spirit. In the dark room, images are brought to shape, maybe like dying and rebirth. Beyond the cartoon revelations that destroy the world, beyond all those praying masses bent with their asses in the air, beyond all those praying banging their heads to the wailing wall. Go down, Jesus pointing to the lynch mob's born again scapegoat on morning's terrible death sentence to all who claim certainty to some godly abstraction for this dying planet of greed to contribute slyly to murder the innocent creations.


Pathotheism is a philosophy that states human existence is unknowable, open-ended and all belief systems and religions are for the purpose of utilizing the story to assuage the human predicament of the condition of the unknowable. That the human species itself suffers an innate and inescapable awareness of existence that can only fall back to beliefs in stories to control the anxiety of awareness of the unknowable.

The reliance on faith is the only uniquely human attribute to make peace with the unknowable question. Paradoxically, faith tends toward faith-based religions with fundamental orthodoxies. These religions are usually the rationale for wars on geopolitical levels as well as killings on personal psychological levels. In a subconscious justification to take another's life, one's own self is irrationally re-enforced.

For the orthodox body some human beings find it easy to kill other species, as well as their own. The show of force, conversely, calms the nature of the human from its anxiety of the unknown. This is why it is easy, and becoming easier to rationalize taking another's life, either on a personal valueless basis, or on a rationalized altruistic bases of state or religion. Given that there have been roughly over 50,000 wars throughout recorded history, and most of them were based on rationalized dogma, it is no surprise that we end up at the beginning of the 21st century in the very same predicament.

To consider latent causes of killing should be of highest importance if the human species wishes to remain. There should come a time when the human species desires to evolve into a sapient being. In this respect cloning is not out of the question. If we could delete the code of the undesirable kill trait, we might be able to live without killing. Albeit we may loose some of the spirit that seems embedded in the kill. Cloning from aliens is not that unbelievable, when one considers the stories of the other major religions from an objective point of view. All religions rely on the absurd, the fanciful, somewhere in their story. The many examples should be readily apparent to thinking people.

The dual nature of finding a good justification for a deeper-seated problem is quite natural to the human psyche. Carl Jung touches on the philosophy of anxiety in his Mysterium Conjunctionis: "In the domain of pathology I believe I have observed cases where the tendency of the unconscious would have to be regarded, by all human standards, as essentially destructive. But it may not be out of place to reflect that the self-destruction of what is hopelessly inefficient or evil can be understood in a higher sense as another attempt at compensation."

Family values and onward Christian soldiers are ill-timed if not ill-fated. The forces and environments we live in have probably changed the chemistry of the human already. Our brains are no longer the product of the altruistic actions in this chemically affected planet as they once were. The seminal results of overpopulation and over-technology makes old ways quaint and ineffective as Huxley observed way back in the 50's.

Of course I would like to live in simpler times. But the indications are that the usual progression is taking place in which we will destroy ourselves marching to the quaint old truths, which were so splendid in our day. To hold on to them as things of divine providence is uplifting and wholesome, but is shrinking as other realities expand. Where has our manifest destiny gone? Or better yet, where can it go? It usually takes a couple generations into the new century to blossom as the seeds planted in the turn of the century's furrow (in this case the millennium), as the expansion seems exponential in the new world where fast changes will have to take place. Every decade will be vastly different even with the quaint old forms deeply embedded in barely recognizably paradigms.

I therefore don't know how to respond when people send me poetry and art deriding Bush and his actions. It's the same old rhetorical thinking that can be applied emotionally in any decade. And we never quite see it fully. Whether McNamara lied or Cheney is going to hide, it's all the same. I have to remind the poets who use the sixties as a rally style that at least half the country is like Bush, and likes him. What will you do with them? And when the other half, the thought manufacturers like Bush, dominate with their fundamental emotions, what then do you have? Probably the same old thing. And what to do with them? Imprison all the radicals and liberals along with the minorities, but then they will be the majority. What will it take to organize and control the vast numbers growing? We really don't have any idea, until it happens.

If you are not ready to contemplate the eternal why....don't cry. You're just living in the same old world you have for thousands of years. But there is more anxiety as it increases exponentially. And the states will give money to the poets who write safe words for the academic minds. And the state will give money to the safe radicals and the safe arrivals yearning to be free, who will get their safe brains washed free, and maybe we won't destroy others so quickly by reading the quaint old radical poetry.

And institutions and departments will justify themselves. Universities will compete for the young people's hard-earned money, so that they can buy themselves a notch up the class ladder, and be indebted to the old shop-worn ideas that never produced anything but a professorÕs salary. Education marketed as a way out. Out of what? The only game in town. A safe bet, if one wants to spend one's life paying back the money it costs to have what should come free to those who can read and think. But grades are used as a class marker. Play the game of these tired old ideas or be marked in a class-based society, to find a safe place to hide in the unknown with pension until death. Only then the purpose of life will be known...or not. Meanwhile we deal with the subconscious fear that one day we will not exist. And no trace of our existence may exist. An inconceivable thought, so we think up stories, and that is all we have. And much of the human race devotes itself to trying to force these stories on others or to kill them. That, unfortunately, is our (non) progress report of humanity. Sex, Politics, and Religion. Praise God. And the killing goes on. The biggest irony on earth is to have people peddling the word of God, door to door, church to church, media to media preaching the gospel and at the same time in the name of god a holy war against the crusaders of god. A terrible paradox. Laughable if it weren't tragic. Remember the last photo of children suffering. Thousands of years of this cruel hoax. The same people who perpetuate it live in fear of dying, even if they have built in their mind, a Hollywood set of their "father's house."

During the year Reagan took the white house, I saw a self important uniformed officer driving a new SUV with a "neutralize Mondale" bumper sticker on it. She smashed a poor turtle trying to cross Geogia Ave. This was the sense of power in the U.S.A. Power without soul. Without regard for innocent creatures. Human life is regarded as road kill. No one really cares how many innocent people were killed in Rwanda. No one cares about the innocent wildlife dying and crushed by the spread of people. Ms. Lily gives millions to poetry? Too bad when she learns there is no poetry. An innocent creature lies in a shelter with sad eyes wanting a home. Too bad when she learns that there is no poetry, just innocent creatures in cages. Where there is poetry there has to be spirit, where there is spirit soul must clap its hand and sing. That happens when someone helps the turtle across the road. That happens when someone helps an innocent creature in the dark of night, with no fear and no reward. That happens when an animal is taken in and joins the goodness of a person.

To sleep/ To dream... - Shakespeare

When death comes, what will it be like? Most stories of those crossing over for a brief period almost always see a bright light. Of course, it's all anecdotal, not scientific. The last beacon might be the last programmed brain cell death surge. Goethe last words were "more light". Some form of light is described by all those at near death experience. Hope could indicate that our consciousness might join a universal soul that might hook into our atmosphere and travel the solar system. Indications would be such that we are unhooked from our self not to rejoin. That would be a likely scenario that would be somewhat of a "disconnect" shock. There are those who believe that our soul might be able to hang around to explore earth regions and life before leaving for other realms. I had a friend who read the Book of the Dead and seemed to visit for a determined time before he left for what other apogee to explore. Some return to visit in a dream while others might have unfinished business on earth. Some believe in reincarnations or metempsychosis. A birdsong may strike a familiar note. Many dates of births and deaths reveal personalities that would be of such coincidences.

The human consciousness firing its tens of millions of neurons has formed a mind that has assigned the thought of afterlife human stories from Pantheism to Religions that has all the conceivable story lines available. That there is a house in heaven is most comforting. And most troublesome. That at the end all were invited to "my father's house" scared earthlings into crucifying the messenger, which is always the typical reaction, for the fear of self and not knowing its destiny has been around since humans became aware of death. Where did they go? Was the first marker of humanity and from it came religions, which basically, even today have mastered the art of killing. It is sacrificial at it roots, and indications are that men today, in the name of gods continue the madness. Women don't seem to have the universal preoccupation of the kill. It was sadness that overcame Sappho on her ancient Island, that when her bird died, she was cast from her Isle of meaning. My writer's friend's father recited to him "that he had a dog named Rover/ when it was dead it was dead all over." Humans have institutionalized death in most every construct conceivable toward apotheosis. We are left with fragile hope, the smell of freshly dying flowers, and hymns.

Many times as I begin to write thoughts that I normally toss to the creatures of the woods on my daily walks with the dogs, who listen with the attention of two year olds to my philosophy, something pops up in the media that is similar to my thoughts. Today I read in New York Times speak that Dr. Crick had been thinking of death. I remember his great discovery in the 50's, when I was in college. Perhaps it's age that begs the hereafter. The thread to teen spirit wears thin. He said, "In the fullness of time, educated people will believe there is no soul independent of the body, and hence no life after death." Is this a definition of my "Age of Apostasy" that was inspired by REM singing, "that's me on the corner/losing my religion?" The new century should have been a period of unequaled enlightenment, even better than the 50's and 60's except for technology, civilization has turned back to the Dark Ages.

"In 1909 in Albany, NY, Carl Jung, marveling at the birth of our technological culture, observed: "All that is frightfully costly and carries the germ of the end in itself." Would Carl Jung see the programmed death in the gene required for the DNA of the dead cell? From the suicidal cells to the molecules in the air, to the polluted Hudson and the nightly murders? Or would he see the larger destruction from the area that proudly made the armaments for Eisenhower's prophetic "Military Industrial Complex, whose trace chemicals seep through the population's eyes of the walking dead who come to Dr. Crick's statement that the most profound implication of an operational understanding of consciousness is that "It will lead to the death of the soul." Wars have outlived the encoded lines of metaphase as dutiful as the marching phalanx. The programmed death cells never cease. The double helix is the form in all of nature, like the ancient mathematical gnomen whereon Osiris sat that spiraled to the volumetric lines of space. The cross section of these vortices is the cyclone, the yin and yang and poor Dr. Reich's energy field. What is left in dying Albany, or any city but atrocities on the news? Expand it over the planets and it is all the same. Good and Evil resulting in the same dance. Everything is just opposite to what it should be. Why? In the name of God. The gun is a penis to give life and remove it. The space of the dead is needed for the living as in programmed cells. All energy, micro and macro ends in the dance of good and evil. Obviously the human orphan is incapable of caring for a good planet. Men have ruled in recent history. Could women do better? Our programmed cancer population will deplete us all and the fear of life after death will stop. Or perhaps cloning might remove the human defect.

I have never met anyone who could tell me what happens when I die. All the ceremony and pomp and circumstances are getting tiresome. The latest madness is that we send high schoolers and immigrants to fight cutthroats for the promise of a two-bit education (one that only cost me beer money in the 50's) that would place them at a computer terminal job. A house, car, gasoline, has added another digit to their 1950's prices. By those adjustments, which are low, the most menial job should be paying over 50 dollars an hour. Criminality, or government jobs have made up most of the difference. The middle class has sunk to a third word status. We are fighting fanatics who want to kill us. We should make a deal with hardened criminals to go fight the wars in the blood alleys of murdering fanatics. The local kids, half educated from public schools donÕt know what awaits them. It was to be a new millennium full of promise and finally glory on earth and it all turned to shit. Every decision by our leaders has been wrong. Survival has come down to carefulness and luck. Lives are forgotten instantly and ideas of what humanity could be are in chaos.


The subconscious fear of being orphaned: the self having no knowledge of what comes after death. Only hope and belief in believe, prayer and song can assuage the idea of impermanence, or that deism or empiricism might have spiritual loopholes in vast space. Space is so vast that patho-psychosis trumps the idea of a maker. Likewise the maker is so vast that the human mind cannot grasp finite space or infinity.

That all religions are based on historical events at best and pure delusion of fiction at worst. That ideologies in extreme have cause all the bulk of misery, suffering and killing in the world. At the end of conquests in the name of the god of any abstract religion lies the body parts of innocent lives cut short from life. Death and sorrow is the undisputed fact of ideological wars This lesson unable learned throughout history is madness itself.

That the mechanics of guns that kill is analogous to the sexual mechanics of male organs. This oddity conforms to the male dominance of most of written history. The geographical and governmental policies are almost always certain to the remote or immediate causes of world destruction. There are amounts of good and evil born into each human. One's chemical environment, behavioral science, religion, and sexual power determine the danger in each individual's ethic or altruism. Love and truth are powerful, but erotic impulses are as powerful as love.

That music and architecture, some as remnants of the better parts of religion with be the last human creations to vanish. Cloning might be the only saving grace for humans if it can finally erase sacrificial murder in the name of religion, religions themselves, make humanity equal in beauty, equalize suicidal cells and vanquish the self awareness of impermanency and infinity and the need for fictional god created by man.

© 2004 - Charles Plymell

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