Alexander Gross

A visit to the author's website
provides the best introduction to his many published
articles, scholarly papers and other pieces on language,
linguistics, and translation over the last thirty-five years.

He has also written software dealing with language
themes, among them the ASP Shareware program Truth About
which can be freely downloaded from the site.

Alex has lived in Europe for twelve years, is fluent in five languages,
and can lay claim to larger or smaller pieces of a dozen others.

As a translator, he has done work for the Royal Shakespeare Company,
the United Nations, and French, Spanish, and German cultural agencies.

He has taught for the NYU Translation Studies Program, where
he now serves as Adjunct Lecturer in translation history,
and is also a produced playwright and play translator.

Trained in cartography during his youth, a concern
for the precise spatial and temporal relationship
between places, objects, and processes
remains important for him and played
a role in writing this book.

The author currently divides his time between
New York City and Woodstock, NY
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