September 17:


"A lap of dead breakfast
and a telephone hidden under the blankets
They're moving me to the skilled nursing wing"

Well, that's the right direction
Better than the morgue

"I don't think at the morgue they fuss with you so much,
or so noisy"

How do you feel?

"The same, tired (at other times 'lumpy')
They're keeping me 12 more days"

At least I'll know where to find you
when I get back

"I guess"


SFO airport to LA
for celebratory reading
at Beyond Baroque

The Diamond Noodle, p.64;
u) World of Letters (editing & publishing,
criticism, journalism, all the public and
annoying side of writing)
v) Art World, ie. the mechanical, public side
of it: the gallery, theater, the concert hall & c


Mr. Whaaleen? Mr. Whaaleen?
Do you know where you are?


"How can ya mess up macaroni & cheese?
And they put these big green peas next to it
to make it look scary"

Nancy brought you a burger

"I don't remember"

Are you not remembering a lot?


Well, I won't let you forget
anything important

"I'm getting old and my memory is going"

Did you not remember
before you went into the hospital?




What shall I tell people
at the reading tomorrow?

"I've said"

That's what you want me to say?
'I've said'?


© 2004 - Michael Rothenberg

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