For Claire

I don't know
I'm sure of it
Maybe we're all just lost
Groping our way
Through this thing called
Real life
Real life
Real strife
Slipping along the way
Yet with any hope
Learning from every fall
That is if insight isn't lacking
He's drunk
Every day in and day out
Can't hold down a job
Living on the verge
Of nothingness
He wanted it once
Two little kids
Poor little kids
Screaming wife What else can she do?
The American dream I guess Makes me glad
That I waited for you
It took so long
Worth every wait
Every disappointment
Every heartbreak
This place is good
You make it all easier
To deal with
More bearable
Easier to watch
The self-destruction of others
Without tearing myself apart
My island of sanity
And beautiful clarity.

(C) 2002 PF BUONO
Todas Derechas Reservadas

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