Sam and Frodo

To do -

what I must to do.....

I wish this had never come to me.

I wish..

Gandalf --- this gift is a burden.

I miss you.


Shed your tears for yesterday
but do not linger there -

Take hold of the arms that reach up to you -
as Sam follows you into the River.

No Sam!
Go back, Sam!
With your heart still full of love..

Why would you think of me,
in all my despair and misery?

Go back, Sam!!
I'm going to Mordor alone!

Go back,
Sam, please go back!


I made a promise to the Elves,
Master Frodo.

They said, 'don't you leave him
SamWise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to!

I mean to come with you!

No Sam!!
I'm going to Mordor alone!

Of course you are -
And I'm going with you!


This is the call to wisdom and self-sacrifice,
That only few are strong enough to hear.

Good deeds are done and shared with others,
but to share them in love is miraculous.


My plump pure face sinks
down through the water,

full of god, I was
full of you, Frodo.

I made a promise to this life --
Now I make it to the river's depth.


Oh Sam!

You can't swim!


My small hobbit hand



through the water


The great River Anduin
held you for a moment
but the sunlight never
left your face. Oh Sam!

I cannot conceal my pleasure
based on your integrity.
I would never let you drown.

You are my wise Master, Sam!
You never let go - even though
I had let go of everybody. You
stayed by my side, and in my life.
You were rigid in your loyalty.

Oh Sam!
You are royalty!

You trusted own your ending
and that I would lift you out..

You were right!
By god's grace!

And by god's own light
you are going with me!

Of course you are!!
And I am going with you!

We are friends for life!
We are the twins of
Hobbiton and Rivendell.
We are the fellowship
that endures,
when all seems lost.

We would outlive the sun.
But we want none of that,
only to return to Hobbiton
when the job is done.


Side by side we will go on..

Of course we will!!
Of course we will!!

Who can know what the future holds?
Who can be certain?

It is up to us, Sam -
We hold the future in our hands.

Even the smallest can change it.

And so we will, Master Frodo -
So we will.


You are my pair of eyes.
that will bring us home.

You are my one true friend, Sam.
With you the world is fully seen.

Oh, Sam Wise Gamgee!!
I would never let you down!
For I would drown as well -

Or live a haunted life, upon a haunted river,
in a haunted boat that sailed so still.

Be happy that we all end.

But some will do so in the light
in the strength and company of love.


We are going to Mt Doom.
Of course we are!

We are going alone,
but we go together.

Of course we are!
We are going to Mt Doom.


We are the prayers of each other answered.
Master Frodo. Master Sam.
It's the furthrest we've been from Hobbiton.

Yet today we go together -
My dear companion, SamWise Gamgee.
My dear friend, Master Frodo.

Be happy. We all end ------

We do not outlive the sun.
We will return to Hobbiton.
When the job is done.


We hug in the boat on the still silver water.
This is the boat that will sail forever
across the edge of the world into the stars.

Oh Sam! Come on!

Find a road, cover it with love --
Make it go ever onwards, then --
Make it find a pathway home.

Keep your feet - don't be swept away.
And let the light of your heart shine on
when all other lights grow dim.


Oh Sam! Come on!

We existed for each other.
We abandon fear for love.

We must give the ring to the fire mountain.
in the land of Mordor where shadows are..

We give it back to itself
and into its firey depths.

We never wanted any of this
Only to find a way home...

We hold the burden of doom within.
We may never see the others again.
We live in the light too bright for pain.

We find a safe road home to Hobbiton.

Sam..I'm glad you're with me..
Me too, Master Frodo.
Me too..

© Coral Hull - 2003

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