Denise Enck


Denise Enck lives in Mukilteo, Washington,
where she can see both the
Olympic & Cascade mountain ranges.

She is the proprietress of Empty Mirror Books, an online bookstore / arts magazine
focusing on poetry and art.

Denise is also owner of Quanta Web Studio,
where she specializes in websites for poets & the arts.

Denise's poems & collages have been published in such places as
the Cafe Review, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Angelflesh, and Indefinite Sapce.
Online publications include Michael MMcClure and Ray Manzarek's website, The Bathyspheric Review,
Sentinel Poetry, Sendecki, & Frank's Home, among others.
Her favorite word is 'fallen.'



in the dream
in the dream it was awake


2002 Denise Enck
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