Denise Enck


Denise Enck lives in Mukilteo, Washington,
where she can see both the
Olympic & Cascade mountain ranges.

She is the proprietress of Empty Mirror Books, an online bookstore / arts magazine
specializing in the Beat Generation and the arts.

Denise is also owner of Quanta Webdesign
where she specializes in websites for poets & the arts.

Denise's poems & collages have been published in such places as
the Cafe Review, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Angelflesh, Indefinite Sapce.
Online publications include, The Bathyspheric Review,
Sentinel Poetry, Sendecki, & Frank's Home, among others..
Her favorite word is 'fallen.'

Denise's personal website is



in the dream
in the dream it was awake


© 2002 Denise Enck