The Blindfold

And I will not follow / And I will not lead / Your permissions to bleed / Have been guaranteed / By the one / Whose approval you seek
--Geldof, "Pale White Girls,"
Sex, Age & Death (2002)

Sink with me beneath the waves / Drowning not waving / Stay a little / Dream a while / On loving and being loved /
Brilliant shafts of chemical light / Pierce the gloom / Turn on the night / Talk to me a while / On loving and being loved

--Geldof, "The New Routine", ibid.


I decided to wear a blindfold,
I was far too dependent on the visual
and felt compelled by circumstances

This is not unusual in the sense
that we favour one or two senses,
but it did imply a dive into some-where else

Whatever the outcome
I pray that 'here' some-thing extraordinary
is revealed, through the divine alchemy

I really don't know what to say,
words are almost exhausted
of any significance in 'this world'

I suspect, however, that the Word
lives (and loves) else-where
beyond the pathetic present

We are bound and determined
to go where there is no 'knowing'
the endless fallacies, the lies

How? And when? And when?
Crying 'reborn, reborn, reborn'
And I will not follow ...

© 2003 - GK

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