Hammond Guthrie

Author and abstract painter currently living in Portland, Oregon.

The artist found footing in the underground community when during the 1960s
and 70s he collaborated with a number of his mentors, including Del Close; former
director of The Committee and Second City theaters, Philo T. Farnsworth III; son of
the inventor of television, artists; authors; Liam O'Gallagher, William Burroughs,
John 'Hoppy' Hopkins; co-founder of IT (International Times) London, and
Robert Jasper Grootveld; mentor for the Provos in Amsterdam.


Book In Print:


Books Out of Print:

Electron Arabic
12 Drawings
200 - signed ed.

Ginger Snaps
co-ed - Michael Gibbs
Kontext Press
Exeter, UK

Urban Disintegration..codex
Bettiscomb Press
Dorset, UK

Belfast Insert
Expanded Media Editions
Bonn, Germany

The Machine Fires Itself
36 Drawings - in priv. collection
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Original Is a Reproduction
orig. ms - in priv. Fluxus collection
Delft, Netherlands

The Original is a Reproduction
(Book In The Box)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara, California

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