John 'Hoppy' Hopkins


Arriving in London in 1960, by 1965 Hoppy was an established
radical photojournalist in the jazz and underground culture.

Co-founder of the London Arts Lab he was later involved in setting
up the Notting Hill Free School, International Times, UFO club,
BIT information service, and TVX video.

One of Hoppy's photos in particular, taken during Ginsberg's visit to
London in the summer of 1965, captured an epochal moment in this
rarely seen shot of the late poet on his 39th birthday, naked but for
the Do Not Disturb sign hanging from his well-honed penis -
which provoked John Lennon to famously remark:
You don't do that in front of the birds!

Hoppy's Web Site

Ten silver gelatin photographs by Hoppy published with an excellent
foreword by Miles is available from Andrew Sclanders, and a wide variety
of prints can be ordered from The Photographer's Gallery in London.

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