Whose Face

It Could Be Mine

A space behind the face
One more thought to comprehend
Who am I, one more time
With meaning

Leaning to the left
Standing right or wrong
Feet planted still standing
Waiting for the fall

Is it mine to understand
Can I be someone else's man
Just another trend I followed
Another road I've yet to trod?

Must be true my feet still fall
Exactly where I left them
One step forward
Two steps back

This world's a crazy place
No room left for someone
Who might make a separate peace
Just a Joseph looking for a manger

All apologies to Leonard
And may Curt please rest in peace
We all want what isn't ours
A simple lasting place

For this we are abandoned
Forsaken yet still human
Left to wonder why
To wait for saving grace

Truth has no simple answer
No honest forthful face
Just how can I believe
In anything that might extend

Beyond the here and now

© 2006 - JAG - John A Germain

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