Liam O'Gallagher

Press One


Liam O'Gallagher   Identity Theft?

LO'G         2-10-1917

Bio log ical     Slippery Slope

                       a Time - Jumper

Press Two

To see Dr. Forward access the Emergency Room
No Need For   Palm Pilot   Trapped Energy
..this child 1 of 9 is from a supremely reductionist
No mere coincidence - morphed cut/ups
down-loaded, looks like re-used bio-chips!

To access Other Realities
not by chance or accident

Press Three

    Message Content

rev-up         Invisible Ancestors
             The Pleadians?

Creative Sparks    a New Frequency
       wireless - consciousness

Information Code

Gene Machine - 5 - Colors

stem cells

A random group of Multi - Dimensional
and non-degradable electrons

If this isn't believable access
Cosmic Silence

Then eat the MENU
it's Bio - Degradable.

ConTact Vehicle

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