Have you ever noticed how alarmingly close the word "martial" is, to the word "marital"?

I spelled the title a little differently to make sure that you got the first sound right. I hope this doesn't insult your intelligence or your sense of sound.

"Well, that may be but what's your point?" you say.

Who ever had a single point to make? I surely don't. "Scratch a point and find another," is my point. The two "marshal" sounds are both related to war and all the constrictions, disciplines, battles and ruthlessness that military activity implies. That must merit some thought. Merital, marital!

"Merital" is the neologism of the day. Now you don't have to look it up in the dictionary. If you are, we'll pretend that you're looking up "neologism" to merely be sure of the pronunciation.

So now we have two parallel sets of two: MARSHAL, MARTIAL and MERITAL, MARITAL.

I'm waiting for you to stop scratching your head and start thinking with it. Ah! You're getting close! Don't stop! Keep thinking!

© 2004 __Muldoon Elder

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