Martin Hunter

Martin Hunter was born in 1942 in a farming community near Springfield, Ohio. There is a strong tradition within the Hunter family of the occasional poem. His grandfather was the family poet during Martin's formative years.

By the early 1960s Martin was in college at Ohio State University. His major was fine arts. During this period his taste in poetry had migrated west to the poets of the Beat Generation. Like many from this era, LSD threw open the doors of perception. Martin was a very active participant in that opening. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 1965. Thereafter, for the next 9 years, he lived a conventional bohemian life going from commune to free school with extend travels in the western part of the United States interspersed.

For Martin, making art and poetry is a natural distillation process, a way to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary; a natural and essential part of a life well lived.

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