Compleat Modular Story


It was a day / night like/unlike any other,
the sky was crying / with brilliant moonlight
on the river/desert/mountain.
Who would not be elated / plunged into gravest despair
on seeing / imagining / trying to ignore the shoes
of gloomy pedestrian motobilic hyperactive / overmedicated / comatose
subway riders / gang boiz / derelicts of utter destitution?

Champagne flowed in the luxe hotel suites.
While church bells chime, pool balls click in the beery barroom
& all is quiet on the Western Front.

Was it Paradise or that other place?

I still can't tell.

Addendum: {Gentle reader, you may add / subtract / rectify this little puzzle piece
according to your own perceptions or requirements. Almost everything has been left
out, so please alter at will. Sorta like constructing the perfect pizza.}

© 2006 - McMing

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