Mutes For Peace!

Stop The War On Iraq!



Now, back to Disney on Ice

I sailed around the defunked military prison
where ol' Walt layed in this cell and dreamed
of his Magic Kingdom made from granite slabs

I think that he was a consciencious objector
his dishonorable discharge proudly displayed
on his office wall televised on his weekly show

Ain't it the way?

I had the misfortune to lay down
next to a cat who's sign said:

"Your Silence Is Killing Us"

It was the same tombstone brown
with white lettering as my sign

Aint it the way?

Mutes For Peace
a one-mute cell
impossible to infiltrate

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

"Shut Up"
(Thanks Little Richard)

"Welcome Mimes!"

I turned off the paparazzi
pointing to the gaping hole in my neck
with my signifying middle finger

Thats what pissed the cops off

So there I was,

Lying on my back in the center
of the 49thSt/5th Ave intersection
helicopters hovering overhead like vultures

I was among 4 men and 11 women
the first to get roped and bused down
fingerprinted on state of the art machines

I was handled with kid gloves due to my scars
cops kept asking me if I had gotten shot
"You Got A Hole In Your' Neck!"

One of the transport buses broke down
causing more jamb-up than the demonstration

Aint it the way?

The Mutes For Peace thing bombed out
I only met one mute besides me -
an anti-French Republican!

Im' dumping the Mutes For Peace
and starting the Traitors of NYC
remember what those are?

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson...
you know, "Traitors!"

Ain't it the way?

NO (C) 2003 - Silent Steve - DIGGERS NYC
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