Ray Bremser


This long poem by the master Beat poet, the man nicknamed
Blowing Mouth because he "played" his mouth like a jazz instrument.
This poem was the first one by Ray Bremser ever published, though in
the print shop of Ray's first prison stay in Bordentown, NJ, in 1956.

Lost for almost 45 years, THE DYING OF CHILDREN is once again available
in this very special handmade limited edition reprinted by generous permission
of Jeffrey H. Weinberg at Waterrow Books One of 200 numbered copies, printed
letterpress and handsewn into wrappers, the book is signed by Jeffrey Weinberg,
publisher and writer of the foreword, and Elias Roustom, the superb printer of the book.

Evergreen 102 - Charles Plymell

Ray Bremser Memorial 2002

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