Michael Simmons is a Feature Writer for the
LA Weekly as well as contributing writer for High Times
and has also scribed for Rolling Stone, Penthouse, and Crawdaddy.
Winner of the Los Angeles Press Club Award of 1996 for Excellence in
Journalism for his LA Weekly expose of the Hollywood Vice Division of the
LAPD, the author has covered everything from psychedelics to the Zapatistas,
from guerrilla photographer of group nudes Spencer Tunick to contemporary
anarchism. He has also written extensively on the medical uses of marijuana.

Currently authoring

The Future Is Now!: The MC 5 and White Panthers

( Creation Books )

Recently Michael optioned his life rights and cannabis journalism to Goldie Hawn's
production company and HBO who are developing a docudrama about the medical
marijuana controversy. The film is to be based on the author's verbiage on the subject
and will utilize a journalist character named Michael Simmons to tell the story.
Both the real Simmons -- as well as the character -- are from NYC, sleep in
Los Angeles, but reside in Woodstock Nation.

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