The best unread poet in America. He is the invisible genius of American poetry.

--Charles Bukowski

John Thomas was born in Baltimore on December 31, 1930, the same day and year as
Bo Diddley, and attended Loyola College, but received no degree.

In 1959, with only fourteen dollars in his pocket, the author hitch-hiked from Baltimore to Lost Angeles, Ca., where he became a early member of the Beat Generation.

I would feel uncomfortable and irritable living any other way. I have Philomene, a pen,
a pad, shirt and pants. If you start wanting more, it fills you up, leading to a poverty
of the heart and mind.
--John Thomas

His poetry has appeared in Floating Bear, Evergreen Review, and numerous other
important literary magazines in the United States and abroad.

Among his previous efforts are:

Epopoeia and: The Decay of Satire;
Cinq; Old Man Stravinsky Rehearsing with Orchestra;

And with his wife Philomene Long Thomas:

The Book of Sleep;
The Ghosts of Venice West;
Feeding the Animal.

An Awake for John Thomas

The eyes of the living are the peepholes for the dead.
—John Thomas

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