Two Love Poems

Of Archers, Olives, Plums and my Lady

Lorca says there are

fine archers in Sevilla,

I say there are fine horses

in Cordoba, Ronda has bulls with horns

sharp as razors, and in

Los Corallas there are olives

the size of plums

that make the finest of olive

oils, oils that are as smooth

as my lady's skin, especially

the skin around the tips

of her breasts, and her mouth

as sweet as the plums

and oranges of Granada, and

the arrows

from her heart into mine

as true as the archers of Sevilla

© Sam Hamod, dec. 6, 2005


Cutting Through Clouds

it's as if

the sun breaks through, no

matter how thick

clouds congregate, it shoots

its rays, through even

the slightest chance,

its spires shine through

the way you

slice past

the plain-ness

of each day, bringing

with you

a sun

in each sparkle

of your eyes

© Sam Hamod, Nov. 5, 2005

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