Charles Upton

A San Francisco poet,
A veteran of the counterculture
A veteran of the peace movement

For the past 15 years he has been a Muslim
A member of a Persian Sufi order active in the west

The War to End All Wars is an excerpt from the author's forthcoming book,
an epic poem entitled The Wars of Love, completed in 2000 after 33 years
in progress, to be published by Corona Mundi later this year.


Panic Grass
(City Lights Books, 1968)

Time Raid
(Four Seasons Foundation, 1968)

Doorkeeper of the Heart:
Versions of Rabi'a
(Threshold Books, 1988)

Queries Welcome

Hammering Hot Iron:
A Spiritual Critique of Bly's Iron John
(Quest Books, 1993)

In Print

The System of Antichrist:
Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism
and the New Age
(Sophia Perennis, 200l)

* available at
Serious Seekers

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