Verandah Porche

Poetry is cultural glue - its images bond people.

Based in rural Vermont since 1968, the author has developed
a practice called Told Poetry or Shared Narrative, to enable people
who need a writing partner to create, preserve, and share personal
literature. Powerful healing tools for exploring relationships between
individuals in communities and the dissemination of new knowledge.

Verandah's work has been featured on NPR's Artbeat, and
recently on NH Public Radio's Front Porch. In 1998, the
Vermont Arts Council awarded her the prestigious
Citation of Merit, honoring her contribution
to the cultural life of Vermont.

Selected Works

Glancing Off, See Through Books, 1989.
Home Comfort, Saturday Review Press, 1976.
The Body's Symmetry, Harper Colophon Books, 1975.


Villanelle in April and September at the Home
University of New England Press, 2002.

For Our Road Commissioner on His Retirement
Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 9, 2000

Told Poetry

Poet on Call, Dartmouth Medicine,
Vol. 26, No. 1, Fall, 2001

Finding the Poetry in Anyone's Life
Valley News May 5, 2001

Faith in People's Eloquence
Randolph Herald, October 4, 2001

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