"The future is the "I" of the beholder." ___ Mort Subiet

"As ever, and as a good thing, the future is a myster ." ___ Ken Babbs

[ from Kosti's Glossary, in progress: ]

"TECHNOLOGIES: The greatest tragedy of my life has been my tardiness in
mastering new ones and probably dying too soon to enjoy [the] future ones." ___ Richard Kostelanetz

"The future is now and again." ___ Paul Krassner

"At this point, I can't see how the future in America or the world will get any better. At this point, our government is trying to conquer the world, our economy is totally falling apart and the middle class and the poor with it. I'm not sure why we write poetry; maybe to keep hope alive. But how far that hope will go and how long, I do not know. It looks pretty bad from where i sit; we have one political party with two names." ___Dr. Sam Hamod

"I am the future but unfortunately, I won't be there to see it!" ___Jean-Marc Vasseur

"There is no future." ___ R.H.R.

"Having lived through the 60s and 70s, I had hoped to bequeath to my children some kind of future. However, events in the past decade or so have convinced me that my generation will leave behind a legacy that is both shameful and destructive: shameful because hard decisions at the right time may have prevented tragedies, destructive because the decisions were not made. After our (untimely) deaths our descendants face a world more polarized than ever, even during that "cold" war, and more irreversibly polluted. Our enlarged population is either starving in greater numbers or technologically transfixed. Yeats once said (paraphrased) that in such times a poet should be silent. My final prayer (which, by definition, will be fruitless since I am an atheist) is that he was not prescient, that somehow the race can survive and that the inclined plane (or slippery slope, mutatis mutandi) we are heading down will not end in annihilation. How sad, with all we had and have, that I wish only for survival."
___ Robert Scotto

The future is a beautiful dream becoming manifest.
The future is where we place our wishes.
The future is now. ___ 'Chi' Ciccarelli - Oseola

"It would seem that past present and [the] future
are concepts of the pre-conscious mind." ___ Richard Aaron

"The future only works if there is a past to draw on.
As our present is homogenized, so our future will be." ___ David G. Walley

"Hopefully the future is a winning lottery ticket!" ___ "Wildman" Dave Diamond

"I'm an enthusiast of The Hedonistic Imperative and enjoy the view from The Second Tier of Clare Graves and Don Beck's Spiral Dynamics' vMeme level as described in Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy. "Increasing our tolerance, as a species, for bliss," is perhaps more to the point of defining the future, although I don't think we have to wait for science to break through." ___ Ramon Sender

"Maybe the future is now and what I thought a milisecond ago is the past.
Save for a milisecond we are traveling to the future, always that split second
away from attaining it. The thought of actually catching up to it is far more ominous
to me than what the future might be." ___ JAG

"The Future is what turns the present into shit. As soon as it arrives, it becomes shit itself -- a mass of young, enthusiastic, starry-eyed shit filled with hope for the Future.

The Future is the Ideal Woman. "Who are you, really?" we ask her. "I'm whoever you want me to be," she replies. Dazzled by her open-endedness, her infinite promiscuity, we start writing checks on the account called Desire; we spend more and more on the clothes and jewels she needs to make her Who We Want Her To Be. We wake up sick, hung over, tapped out, in an unfamiliar room called "the present."

When I asked my friend Bill what he had learned from LSD (I hadn't taken it yet), he said: "I learned that everything is possible, but nothing is likely." The less life we actually have, the more we might have. And once we are dead, once we've been freed from prosaic actuality, we can turn into anything at all, Caesar or Cleopatra, Lauren Bacall or Bogie; we have arrived at the Day of the Locust.

California is (was) the Future. After Kierkegaard retired (embraced infinity, died), he moved into the Vedanta Temple in LA. It was a congenial atmosphere, he felt, in which to work on his essay on "the despair of possibility": the sickness unto death.

The Future is Fear. It is the richly-appointed Egyptian barge which will beach itself in the weak surf ahead of us, carrying the stone figure of Osiris, Judge of the Dead -- the judge who will catch us without enough present even to post bail, much less argue our sorry case.

The Future is the lamb we are asked to sacrifice on this present altar. After we slit its throat with a deft rabbinical hand, we are supposed to stop feeding it. Why beat a dead horse, or feed a dead lamb? The Future is what might be, but never will. The present is what might be -- and then actually IS. All citizens of all nations pay tribute to what is, along with the stars in the sky. They do it automatically, gladly, relieved of the immense burden of sparkling, youthful potential. Thank God they might be nothing. Thank God they are the one little thing that is not only quite likely, but strictly inevitable: right here, right now.

The FUTURE? What's that? How can we know what the Future is if we don't even know which direction time is moving in? Is time moving from the Past into the Future? "Onward! Further!" -- or from the Future into the Past? "Tomorrow draws ever closer; arrives; passes." Take your pick; then get ready to be picked.

The only sure thing is, that for whoever stands sober, wishless, on his own square foot of earth, the trains reverse direction -- the trains packed with food and water, medicine and books. More than you could ever use or hold. The National Guard is ordered to shoot hoarders on sight; on the other hand,
the Distribution Center has put out a call for volunteers." ___ Charles Upton

"The future is Empire and counter-empire." ___ Mark Rudd

Energy Soldiers

© Charles Plymell - 2006

Poor people's memory is less nourished than that of the rich.... it has fewer
reference points in time throughout lives that are grey and featureless....
Remembrance of things past is just for the the rich. For the poor it marks
only the faint traces on the path to death.

___ Albert Camus, Le Premier Homme (The First Man)

Don't know if this is the future or not. ___ Charles Plymell

"When I am well, with energy and the well-head-sacred spring flows from my heart,
when I am well the future is infinite. I am ill right now -- I think of the Ganges river
rather than a fresh Gastonbury Spring." ___ Pamela Edwards


FUTURE (A STUDY) ___ Márton Koppany

Future is Fast

Buy a bagful of time,
with instructions in five languages.
For an illegitimate step,
from here.

Slide out flat and smooth.
Thin like sea water.
Search the missing horizon,
leaking in all directions.

Slip back at once.
Reminded by fear,
to prepare a levee of hope and expectations.
A place to stand inside outside.

It is not there.
It is here before you know it.
And gone before a thought.

___ Mark Hebard

What is the future?
Well, what do you want?
___ Eileen Ewing

"The future is all about fruit. Whatever is ripe, what's coming up for us in,
our faces, in our streets, and on our wide variety of screens is nothing but the
grown up versions of the seeds we've planted, what we've watered, weeded, fed.
And like the present, it too is right here now." ___Gloria Avner

"The Future seems very short --
I feel I'm two thirds through.
I've done the past, and
if I had to hazard a guess,
which is all I can do:
my money is with the Mayans."

___ Nicole Wills

The future follows the next breath...
& if not, well, uh oh that's it. ___ Eero Ruuttila

The future is something whose time has not yet come!
___ L. Prasad

The future is tomorrow's yesterday -- today.
___ Outo Monet

The future really is the past.
___ Danny Weil


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