About Jasmina Tacheva

Jasmina Tacheva edits the online literary journal Public Republic and the art blog Absinthe-Minded. Her poems, fiction and articles have been published in numerous outlets, including Public Republic, The Quadrangle, The Griffin, Philosophia, The Institute of Modern Politics, Kultura, Literaturen Vestnik, Knigolubie, and others. She can be found on Twitter: JasminaTacheva.

Love in the no-land space between two cultures: an interview with Zlatko Anguelov

Zlatko Anguelov

Jasmina Tacheva talks with Bulgarian-American author Zlatko Anguelov about his newest book, Erotic Memories (2012), and the ideas of love, devotion, harmony and memory on the border between two cultures. ...{read more}

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