About Josh Medsker

Josh Medsker is a New Jersey-based writer and educator, originally from Alaska. His work has been published in many publications, including: The Brooklyn Rail, We'll Never Have Paris, Enchanted Conversation and The Anchorage Press, among others. He has work forthcoming in Phantasmagorium and Criminal Class Review. Since 2001, he has published the literary and culture blog, Twenty-Four Hours.

Neal & Carolyn Cassady’s house at 29 Russell St., San Francisco

29 Russell St., 1999, by Joshua Medsker

It’s been about ten years now since I saw Beat legends Neal and Carolyn Cassady’s house. It was such a thrill for me; I can remember it perfectly. ...{read more}

Constrained Writing Techniques

3 Constrained Writing Techniques / photo by Leah Jones

Constrained writing can produce some unexpected results. In my recent experimenting with language and poetry, I remembered some of the Surrealist/Dadaist techniques I’d learned in my youth, and added a few updates of my own. ...{read more}